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Maple Leafs wholesale jerseys authentic James Reimer Blue Third Stitched NHL Jersey

Maple Leafs wholesale jerseys authentic James Reimer Blue Third Stitched NHL Jersey

The Florida Panthers have realized that in order to wholesale jerseys authentic stay competitive in this league, you must have a good backup goaltender.

James Reimer was brought in by the Panthers to strengthen our goalie tandem. Previously, Al Montoya was the former backup to Roberto Luongo. The big Cubano played all but two seasons with the Cats. His first season (2014-15) proved to be a struggle, as he held a weak .892 SV%.

Many worried for the upcoming year, unsure if Montoya could handle the backup position. Thankfully, he stepped up and recorded a .919 SV%. A much better figure then the previous year. After the season concluded, Montoya decided to sign a deal with the Montreal Canadiens, forcing the Panthers to look elsewhere for another goalie.

During the offseason, the Cats decided to sign James Reimer to a 4 year, $17 million dollar deal. The idea of this signing was to give Luongo his much-needed rest during certain parts of the season. While Reimer did that towards the beginning, he later took on a role that no one thought he’d take on. The role would end up being the starting goaltender for the Panthers.

When Roberto went down with an injury during the year, it was all eyes and ears on James. Reimer was previously a starting goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs, coming in with some experience under his belt. The 29-year-old had a few really bad games last season, but then there were other games he completely stole single-handedly.

He proved to us all that not only is he a capable backup, but he can also start games when needed. Reimer ended off the year with a .920 SV%, playing in 43 games total. While Roberto is 38 turning 39 in April, his window with the team could be coming to an end. With that being said, giving the starting position to James will prove successful for the Cats.