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Take Two: Rosen sounds off, Texas counting on newcomers on offense

Take Two: Rosen sounds off, Texas counting on newcomers on offense

Take Two is back this week tackling a handful of issues in the college football landscape.

National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney lays out the situation and then receives takes from wholesale jerseys National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell and a local expert from the network of team sites.


Storyline: UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is uber-talented and is lining up to be a surefire first-round draft pick after two more seasons. The kid can play.

He can also ruffle feathers. Like when he wore a F&!K Trump hat to Donald Trump’s golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., last month. Or when he went to social media to rip college amateurism rules after UCLA signed a $280 million deal this week with Under Armour, the biggest in NCAA history. Of that, Rosen and his fellow student-athletes at UCLA won’t see a penny.

Last year as a freshman, Rosen was pictured with a girl in a hot tub – in his dorm room. UCLA notified the media the hot tub has since been removed.

The former five-star quarterback from Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco is young, having fun and speaks his mind. But is it in his best interest for the long term? Should Rosen say what he wants or should the UCLA quarterback consider toning it down so he doesn’t turn off NFL scouts and executives who are watching every move?

On the Rich Eisen Show recently, UCLA coach Jim Mora heaped tremendous praise on Rosen but also said he has asked Rosen if he wants to be more like Johnny Manziel or Tom Brady is wholesale jerseys legit. The implication is clear. Maybe Rosen should tone it down.

First take: “Josh Rosen is probably the most intelligent recruit/freshman I’ve been around in my time covering UCLA. He was the first person to ever graduate early from St. John Bosco, and I’d bet his IQ puts him in a pretty good national percentile. So with that being said, I think he’s earned the right to speak out on controversial subjects. He’s educated and informed, and if he has an opinion that he believes is worth sharing, then he should go ahead and do it. As long as it’s not affecting his play or his teammates, I don’t see why anybody should have wholesale jerseys us an issue with statements he makes on his personal Instagram page.”

Second take: “I know everything gets scrutinized at the NFL level and I’m always one to say, ‘Don’t be stupid.’ When I see the Laremy Tunsil situation come out, Byron Cowart get busted at Auburn and Cameron Robinson recently hit with felony charges, that’s stuff the NFL really gets scared about. An outspoken, brash, cocky quarterback? I don’t think they worry about that as long as he has the talent to back it up. The big fear is that Josh Rosen is Jeff George — an ultra-talented kid with every skill you’d ever want but is just a jerk. I don’t get that impression. Through the recruiting process that turned off Stanford and they didn’t offer him, I just think he has that ‘it’ factor about him where NFL GMs are going to gravitate toward.”

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Storyline: Freshman quarterback Shane Buechele has been described as the “main man” at Texas and the “solution” to the Longhorns’ quarterback issues according to various media reports.

Third-year coach Charlie Strong better hope so.

Strong is on the hot seat in Austin. He’s hired a new offensive coordinator, Sterlin Gilbert from Tulsa, to figure out how to produce more than just 1,751 passing yards and nine passing touchdowns like last season.

For a coach looking for more time, a freshman quarterback coupled with a new offensive coordinator doesn’t seem like the best –- or quickest usa jerseys wholesale— fix. But it could also be like hitting gold, a fresh start on both fronts that could reap great rewards.

Some prognosticators have Texas as one of the surprise teams in college football this season. Strong needs that to happen. Winning will help recruiting and then the Longhorns could be off to the races.

It has to happen now, though, or Texas could be looking for someone else to kick-start this thing. Someone else might be the “solution.”

First take: “We really won’t know for sure until the team hits the cheap jerseys wholesale jerseys field in the fall, but it does have a feel that Charlie Strong and Texas may have finally found an effective combination in first-year offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert and true freshman quarterback Shane Buechele. For the first time in a while, Texas will run an innovative, up-tempo offense. And in Buechele, the Longhorns finally may have solved their quarterback problems that have plagued the program for years. If things go well this year and Texas can stockpile some wins, I can certainly see a scenario where Texas begins to haul in top national recruiting classes on a regular basis. Then again, if the offense struggles – and that’s always a possibility with a new OC and true freshman QB – it could punch Strong’s ticket out of Austin.”

Second take: “It’s a new offensive coordinator and a freshman quarterback and Strong is hitching his wagon to that. That’s really scary. In this day and age, you can have a freshman quarterback have success and build on that success. But can you do it on the hot seat? Can it happen? Yes. But are the percentages there that it’s likely to happen? I don’t know of too many examples.”

The Giant Killer: Draymond Green dares you to define him

The Giant Killer: Draymond Green dares you to define him

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Even after 73 wins and 82 million dollars, after the championship and the All-Star Game, after Steph Curry called him the voice and Steve Kerr called him the heart and nobody dared call him a tweener again, Draymond Green still sometimes sprints down the court on defense and hears a giant holler to the sideline: “Coach, post up!” The giant points down at Green, a head shorter, and raises a mitt on the left block. And just like that, everything Green has done throughout the day to quiet his soul—watching the WNBA on TV in his home atop the Berkeley Hills, playing dominos with his friends, eschewing coffee for sports jersey wholesale water and hype music for J. Cole and Boyz II Men—flies out the window of Oracle Arena. The giant might as well have doused Green’s gold jersey in jet fuel and struck a match. “Are you f—— kidding me!” Green bellows, re-creating not one specific scene but hundreds of them. “You have to be joking right now! You cannot really be talking about me! You cannot! You think you’re stronger than me? You’re not. You think you’re going to bully me? You’re not. You think you’re going to score on me? You’re not.”

Green is suddenly transported to the Civitan Rec Center in Saginaw, Mich., jersey wholesale usa once again the pudgy kid with the Ben Wallace Afro ignored by the older boys every time he chirped “Next!” He’d sit down in the middle of the court and scream, “Who do you think you are? I’m not leaving this floor for you!” Regulars alternated between sticking him in trash cans, rolling him in rugs, setting him on the rim and banishing him to the pool table. He hurled billiard balls at his tormentors. “There were grown men trying to fight me,” Green says, “and I fought them all.” He fought anybody who messed with him and anybody who messed with his more reserved older brother, Torrian. Every other day, it seemed, a manager named Tyrone Davis had to kick him out of Civitan. Draymond would occasionally leave with a busted nose, as well as a game ball, which he would boot over the nearest fence. “Those big boys eventually learned,” says his mother, Mary Babers-Green, “that my baby better get his next.” wholesale jerseys

After Draymond cooled off he retreated across the street to his house, where Mary braided women’s hair, one of her three jobs. “He was like my assistant,” says Mary, who raised Draymond with his stepfather and her ex-husband, Raymond Green. “He always wanted to walk the ladies to their cars. He’d push his brother back and tell him, ‘Let me do it!’” Day Day, as friends and family called him, yearned to be a man. When he fought his way into the pickup games at Civitan, gang members sat in the bleachers and bet hundreds on him, awed by his toughness.
Green is 26 now—a 6′ 7″, 230-pound basketball revolutionary, arguably the best defender in the NBA and the best playmaker of his size—but everywhere he looks he still sees giants trying to toss him in trash cans. “This guy really thinks he has a mismatch!” Green tells himself, isolated on the block against the springy 7-footer. “He really thinks he’s going to destroy me!” Often he spews his stream-of-consciousness out loud. “Sometimes I say it to get myself going,” Green says. “I don’t do it to bother anybody. But if it bothers them, that’s cool, too. us wholesale jerseys I don’t really care.”

Unless you’re trying to back him down, he comes across as far more endearing than angry, the Warrior you’d most want to drink the proverbial beer with. His bravado is part of his brilliance, like the boxers he idolizes, from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson. basketball jersey wholesale They could talk themselves into anything. Such was the power of their voices. When the post-up ends the way it so often does, the giant clumsily fumbling a drive or clanking a hook, Green flexes and stares. “I see his head drop,” Green says, “and I hear him talk to himself, ‘Come on, let’s go, what are you doing? This guy is so small! ” Green beams as he turns and stomps downcourt. Look who’s in the trash can now. Look who got next. “I feel in that moment like I took his spirit,” Green says. “And that’s an amazing feeling for me.”

Western Conference finals preview: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

Western Conference finals preview: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

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We bring you the Redemption Bowl, featuring two clubs that have discarded serious playoff baggage to reach the Western Conference finals. For the St. Louis Blues, it’s their first final-four appearance in 15 years and a chance to reach the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1970. For the San Jose Sharks, it’s actually their fourth trip to the conference finals since 2004 but their first in half a decade — they missed the playoffs last year and two years ago suffered their infamous soul-crushing, first-round loss to the rival Los Angeles Kings after leading the series 3-0. That led to some retooling, but San Jose is still led by veteran stars Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, Brent Burns and Marc-Edouard Vlasic.

These two teams overcame a lot of the same challenges to get here, beginning with the first round: the Sharks beating their personal bogeymen in the Kings, the Blues finally beating wholesale jerseys their nightmare-inducing rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks. Then, with the realization that they’ve got to wake up and play some hockey while surviving seven-game scares in the second round, the Blues disposed of the high-flying Dallas Stars and the Sharks went the distance to finally shake hands with the pesky Nashville Predators.

And so here they are, the Blues and the Sharks, picked so many times by so many people over the past several years to win the Stanley Cup only to disappoint. Not anymore. Whatever happens, a Cup finals berth at long last awaits for one of these deserving, well-built hockey clubs wholesale sport jerseys.

How they win

San Jose: The Stars’ team speed gave the Blues headaches and, like Dallas, San Jose can wheel. Another big reason the Sharks could prevail is if their lethal power play makes a difference yet again, as it has in two straight series. The opening goal in Game 7 against the Predators was like watching a rerun: Thornton to Marleau to Pavelski in the slot. You know it’s coming but nobody seems to be able to stop it. It just so happens that the aggressive, physical Blues have averaged more than 11 minutes in penalties a game in these playoffs while the Sharks have averaged the fewest penalty minutes of any of the 16 playoff teams. If the Sharks get on the power play more often than the Blues, that could be a major difference-maker.

St. Louis: The Blues’ physical and structured athletic jerseys wholesale game wears down teams over seven games. The Stars looked out of breath by Game 7. All those hits by the Blues are an investment right from Game 1 of a series. And the tactic works. Mind you, it’s what the heavy, physical Kings hoped to do in the first round, and what they found out is that you can’t hit what you can’t catch, the Sharks a step ahead all series long. With veteran head coach Ken Hitchcock leading the way, the Blues’ overall game is also extremely detailed. This is a team that doesn’t make as many mistakes as most teams. That can frustrate the opposition. Their fundamentals are unreal.

How they lose

San Jose: I’ve written about the Sharks’ inexperience in net two rounds in a row, but Martin Jones continues to prove himself. In his first season as a No. 1, Jones went toe-to-toe with the Kings’ Jonathan Quick in the opening round and the Predators’ Pekka Rinne in the second round and fared just fine, thank you. But if the Sharks lose, one reason might be cracks in Jones’ game.

St. Louis: Fatigue. The buy jerseys wholesale Blues have had the max seven games in two straight series, not the optimum recipe for a potential Stanley Cup champion. History suggests that a short series is needed somewhere along the way before getting to a Cup finals. Now, you can point to the 2014 Kings, who played 21 games in the opening three rounds, and rebuff that wisdom. But are those energy levels going to be OK starting Sunday with Game 1 in St. Louis?

Fancy stats

The Sharks had the worst home record of any of the 16 teams that made the playoffs at 18-20-3 and it was a pretty big story before facing the Kings in the first round — to the point where head coach Peter DeBoer got tired of talking about it. After dropping its opening home game of the playoffs to the Kings in Game 3, San Jose has since gone 5-0 at SAP Center, winning a huge one in Game 4 against the Kings to take a commanding 3-1 series lead and then winning all four in the homer series versus Nashville, including an emphatic Game 7 decision. So, no, the Sharks no longer have an issue at home.

Series MVP

San Jose: The Blues did a good job getting to Stars top blue-liner John Klingberg in the last round, but I’m not sure exactly how you neutralize a beast such as Brent Burns. If the Sharks advance to the Stanley Cup finals, the man who can rack up 20 shot attempts on some nights will be one of the major reasons.

St. Louis: Alexander Steen needs to win a Selke Trophy as top defensive forward one day. Look at his defensive work in the opening round against Chicago’s big boys and then soccer jerseys wholesale usa again in the second round versus the stars of the Stars. Steen is a two-way monster who deserves more praise for his immense impact on the Blues’ success. If St. Louis gets to the Cup finals, you better believe Steen will be at the heart of it.

Bottom line

This is a contrast in styles, with the Sharks being a free-flowing team that can motor while the Blues play a structured, disciplined and physical game. Both have depth everywhere. To me, this series gets decided by a hair. Blues in seven.

Playoff MVP candidate Victor Hedman keeps Tampa Bay Lightning rolling

Playoff MVP candidate Victor Hedman keeps Tampa Bay Lightning rolling

TAMPA, Fla. — Now, the Conn Smythe discussion can begin for Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman.

If the Lightning hadn’t lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2015 Stanley Cup finals, it’s likely Hedman would have been named postseason MVP last spring. But that didn’t happen. That honor went to the Blackhawks’ Duncan Keith.

But with the way Hedman is playing in the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs, his performance is worthy of the discussion again.

His two goals helped the Lightning clinch a second consecutive trip to the Eastern Conference finals with a 4-0 victory over the New York Islanders in Game 5 of their second-round series on Sunday at Amalie Arena. In 10 playoff games, Hedman, 25, has four goals and five assists for nine points and is a plus-4. In 26 playoff games last postseason, he had one goal and 13 assists for 14 points and was a plus-11.

“Hedman was a monster in pretty much all of them, which helped us get there,” Lightning coach Jon Cooper said of last season’s games in Tampa Bay’s Cup run. “You could say that about a bunch of our players. You don’t move on without having your best players be your best players.”

“I thought tonight was pretty indicative of what Victor Hedman has done for us,” Cooper added. “When the big boy’s rolling, we feed off that, and he was a major factor in us winning tonight.”

Lightning goalie Ben Bishop, who posted his fifth career postseason cheap china wholesale jerseys shutout, expects nothing but great things from Hedman.

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“I’m getting used to it, I guess,” Bishop said with a bright smile. “He’s a great player. He seems to elevate his game at this time of the year — last year and now this year. It’s nice to have him on your side.”

When asked what is the most impressive quality about Hedman, Bishop quickly joked, “His looks.”

Then Bishop added, “He’s just a workhorse. He has the size — and the way he can move and how big he is. He’s really swift. He’s tough to get around. He can skate with anybody, and he’s got some pretty good offensive talent too. And, he is still learning. He’s still really young, and that’s the scary thing. He’s going to get even better the next however many years he plays. wholesale jerseys It’s fun to watch him.”

This will be the third consecutive trip to the conference finals for Lightning forward Brian Boyle, who also played for the New York Rangers on their trip to the finals in 2014. He knows exactly what it takes to win at this level. He shook his head and smiled when he talked about the Hedman’s contributions.

“He is young, but he’s been in this league for a number of years and he puts a lot of responsibility on himself as a leader on the team — and as a person around Tampa. He’s such a mature kid. The way he plays the game,” Boyle said, “is what everyone is talking about now. “We’ve seen it before, and he covers so much ice. He can start a forecheck, starts the rush and he can come back and finish [opponents’] rushes and close them out, then get up ice and do it again.

“You’ve heard [assistant coach Rick Bowness] and Coop talk about how well he can skate, and obviously that’s a huge asset for a big man. The way the kid competes — he does everything for us from the back end and how many minutes he eats up, and if he’s not playing 30, he’s pretty pissed off. It’s a great attitude to have.”

The least amount of time Hedman played in the series against the Islanders was 26:32 in Game 1, the only tilt the Lightning lost. After that, wholesale jerseys cheap he logged 27:35, 30:15, 27:46 and 27:43 in Games 2, 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

“For me, it’s all about playing good defensively and offensively,” Hedman said. “If you score a goal, or how many points you have, it doesn’t really matter as long as you win the game.”

One of many of Hedman’s responsibilities was to limit the offensive production of Islanders’ John Tavares. After the New York captain scored a goal and added an assist in the Islanders’ Game 1 victory, Hedman and Tampa Bay’s defense completely shut down Tavares and held him without a point for the remainder of the series.

Last season, the Blackhawks’ Keith became the first defenseman to win the Conn Smythe since Scott Niedermayer won it with the Anaheim Ducks in 2006-07. Other defensive greats to have won the Conn Smythe include Nicklas Lidstrom (with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002), Scott Stevens (New Jersey Devils in 2000) and Brian Leetch (Rangers in 1994). But this season could be the first time a defenseman has claimed the trophy in consecutive seasons since Serge Savard of the Montreal Canadiens and Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins won it in 1969 and 1970, respectively.

Sure, there’s plenty of hockey remaining in the final two rounds before a team hoists the Stanley Cup, but if his production in the first 10 postseason games is any indication of what’s to come, Hedman has the ability to lead this team to where it wants to go wholesale sport jerseys.

“He’s done it all for us,” Boyle said.

Those who bet — or didn’t and wish they had — on Leicester City

Those who bet — or didn’t and wish they had — on Leicester City

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It is the summer of 2015.

The Premier League is gearing up for a new season and the oddsmakers are crunching numbers in their London offices, coming up with the first future odds that they hope will lure bettors to wager on teams for the next campaign.

Near the bottom of the 2014-15 standings were the Foxes of Leicester City, in their first year back in the Premier League after an 11-year absence. Thanks to winning seven of their last nine games, they were saved from relegation.

“They escaped by the skin of their teeth, and all signs for us had them pointing towards relegation again for this season,” said David Williams of Ladbrokes, a betting company whose roots can be traced back to 1886.

Bookies try to come up with odds to get people to bet on this sorry team, which was entering its 48th season in England’s top division. Leicester’s best finish was as runner-up in 1928-29.

So Ladbrokes sets the odds of the Foxes winning the 2015-16 title at 5,000-1. Ladbrokes’ biggest competitor, William Hill, concurs wholesale jerseys.

(For comparison, if you ever thought Kim Kardashian would become president of the United States, you could have gotten those odds for 1,000-1.)

The 5,000-1 odds on Leicester are available through August, with Ladbrokes taking 47 bets at the highest odds while William Hill wrote 25 bets.

Below is the story of seven people — from Tom Hanks to a 39-year-old carpenter — who all have tales to tell about their brush with Leicester City’s unbelievable championship season.

The bettors
Leigh Herbert

Herbert is a 39-year-old carpenter who attended his first Leicester City game in the late 1980s. Immediately, he was hooked.

Like many teams, Leicester’s recent history has been marked by promotion and relegation, the coming up and falling down common to soccer teams, when every season is cheap wholesale jerseys free shipping a fight to stay relevant.

Despite the temptations to bet — there are betting shops with kiosks everywhere you look in Leicester’s city center — Herbert never really was tempted, except for his annual wager each year on the Grand National, a steeplechase horse race that takes place in Liverpool.

But what he heard on Aug. 5, 2015 was just too tempting: He was told the Leicester City team was 5,000-1 to win the title. So that night, he downloaded William Hill’s app to his phone, funded the account and put one pound on the bet.
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Moments later, he erased the one pound and replaced it with a five-pound bet ($7.31 using today’s exchange rate).

Little did he know that quick thinking could change his life cheap soccer jerseys wholesale.

“I was a bit drunk at the time,” Herbert now admits. “So no, of course I didn’t think they were actually going to win the league.”

As the season goes on, Leicester City is playing well. By Christmas, the Foxes have somehow lost only one of their first 17 matches (a 5-2 defeat to Arsenal on Sept. 26). They are the best team in the league.

On Feb. 6, after a shocking 3-1 victory at Manchester City, fans start a new chant:

“We’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league, we know you don’t believe us, we know you don’t believe us, we’re gonna win the league!”

Herbert couldn’t believe the position he was in. He was in line to win $36,500.

It was around that time that Herbert also started paying attention to something that showed up in connection to his bet on Leicester. It was called “cash-out value.”

It’s a common practice in England for bookies, if they face significant risk, to offer bettors a buyout plan. It’s an automatic program that offers a bettor the chance to immediately take the cash at a discount reflective of a bet’s current odds to pay out.

The cash-out numbers kept going up and Herbert kept resisting. That was until April 1. With Leicester up five points on second-place Tottenham with seven matches to play, William Hill was offering him $21,191 for his bet, which represented 58 percent of the total value if he won the bet at season’s end.

“I thought, at that point, we were going to win, but it was too costly to lose it all,” Herbert said cheap jerseys china wholesale.

So he made a deal with the bookmaker. He cashed out two pounds of his five-pound bet at a 55 percent payout. Herbert saw $8,300 pumped into his account.

He’ll use the money as a deposit on a house, he says, which he’ll now buy before he marries his fiancée, Kerry.

With Leicester clinching the title, Herbert will get another $21,918 for a total payoff of $30,218, or a return on his investment of more than 425,000 percent over a 270-day period.

And he says he doesn’t regret the $6,332 he left on the table from making the first deal.

John Micklethwait

Every year for about two decades, John Micklethwait put down a 20-pound bet on his Leicester soccer team. He even had a date to remind him just in case he forgot – Aug. 11, which is his birthday. If he hadn’t made a bet by then, he’d walk to a betting parlor in London and take care of it.

Micklethwait actually won a couple times, when Leicester became champion in the lower leagues, but the winning payouts weren’t anything to brag about. The losing tickets usually found a spot on the wall behind his computer at The Economist, where he was editor-in-chief.

Leicester’s rise to the top of the Premier League this season has been a treat for Micklethwait.

“I couldn’t be happier, other than having 100 grand in my pocket too,” he said.

You see, Micklethwait didn’t put a 20-pound wager on his Foxes this year.

He was hired as editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News in February 2015, and when Aug. 11 came and went, it wasn’t as easy for him to walk somewhere and place a bet. He was now living in New York, where sports betting isn’t legal.

So Micklethwait let it go, even as he started hearing about Leicester’s long odds. The first time he heard 5,000-1, he admits, he did the math wrong — figuring his mistake cost him 10,000 pounds. But as Micklethwait followed his team with passion — he went to four games, despite the long distance — he came to realize his job move cost him 100,000 pounds ($146,000).

Tom Hanks

Wait, what?

At the premiere for his latest film, “A Hologram For The King,” Hanks told a reporter that he was feeling less down about his relegated Aston Villa club because he placed a 100-pound bet ($146) on Leicester to win at the beginning of the season.

Pressed by the reporter on the red carpet, Hanks backed off a bit, saying, “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

Hanks’ publicist, Michelle Margolis, told ESPN she couldn’t get us closer to the answer, but if Hanks did do it — we suspect it was a joke — it would be the single largest bet at the 5,000-1 odds.
Karisma Kapoor

In the first week of August, the 20-year-old Kapoor and her family were discussing Leicester’s season, the team’s recently hired manager — Claudio Ranieri of Chelsea fame — and, of course, the tempting odds.

“We got to ‘Why not put a couple pounds on it?'” Kapoor said.

So she and her Aunt Simmi put down a pound each ($3 total) to win a potential 10,000 ($14,600).

She said she started to think it could become reality when Leicester emerged at the top of the table in December, but said she only recently started thinking about what she’s going to do with the money.

“I will save a bit,” Kapoor said. “I’ll use some to go on holiday and I’ll buy my brother Champions League tickets.”
Unknown Internet bettor

On the exact same day Kapoor placed her bet, so, too, did a man who risked 50 pence (73 cents) on the Foxes on the Ladbrokes app. But three days later, he inexplicably cashed out, after the team won its first game of the season. The move cost him more than $3,600.

“We tried to console him,” Ladbrokes’ Williams said. “He hung up on us twice.”

John Moss

Moss attended his first Leicester City game with his father after the elder Moss returned home from World War II.

Since then, he has been a fan of the Foxes and has been known to bet on the action.

So in July, Moss was given 2,000-1 odds by Betfred shop manager Neil Samways and bet one pound that Leicester City would win it all.

Even though Betfred had shorter odds than the other sports books, Samways thought Moss was crazy. On the slip he wrote “Pigs Might Fly.”

“As we were winning more games, I would ask him if he had seen any flying pigs lately,” Moss said.

Like the others who bet on the Foxes, Moss said he didn’t expect to get back his money, thinking, at best, the team would finish in fourth place usa wholesale jerseys.

How is he spending his money? He’s taking his 23rd trip to Las Vegas and is going to roll it over.

Gary Lineker

Lineker, the man behind BBC’s famous “Match of the Day” and the 1986 World Cup Golden Boot winner, has been associated with Leicester City his entire life.

He grew up as a fan of the team and spent nine years playing for the Foxes, including his youth career.

He didn’t necessarily put his money down on Leicester, but did agree to risk his body if the Foxes won the title.

“YES! If Leicester win the I’ll do the first MOTD of next season in just my undies,” Lineker tweeted to his more than 4 million followers in mid-December.

“I’m in good shape,” Lineker recently told the Radio Times. “For an old bastard. I’ll probably work out for two weeks beforehand, very, very hard.”

Don’t worry too much about Lineker. He’s making money off the whole deal. His sponsor, Walker’s Crisps, put him on billboards as the potato chip company counted down to the title.