GM’s Thread About Nothing/GM’s Thread About Wholesale Jerseys Everything

GM’s Thread About Nothing/GM’s Thread About Wholesale Jerseys Everything

The immediate post after this one won’t make any sense whatsoever. Whatever the hell it was I thought I was posting here initially was dumb. But what’s not dumb is what’s followed. It’s a collective work, with contributions from some of this board’s best and brightest. In here, you’ll find wedding updates from me wholesale jerseys, adventures in the life of St. Louis Bob, a romantic epic from Homer Simpson, a recap of Bonzai’s trip to Germany to watch their squad play in the World Cup, Cosjobs’ masterpiece and snaptastic, witty replies by the best online miscreants I know…Bob Sacamano, Bob in Saint Louis, Tanner Boyle, Truck, Shuke, Stryker, Tecumseh, Nigel Tufnel, Tiger Fan, Pickles, Krista, YSR, Fatguy, Boston Fred, Frosty, Stu, Thorn, Gadzooks, Cosjobs, TRE, Frosty, wadegarrett, Bogart, Ricky in Arabia, Facock, Bobby Layne, Guster, Homer, Bently, Rude, Mr. Pack, Pigskin P(HI!), Rover, Drifter, Kev, Charv, Jeep, Hack and if I missed anyone, please let me know .

This thread is safeguarded by Rudnicki. He’s got our back, and we’ve got his. Chip into the beer fund for Rude to keep this thread alive.

A tribute to what was, what should be and what can be: The FFA


My Sister’s Reaction to my Mom’s Awkward Bridal Shower Toast

Ice Cream Man Fake Out

Moustache Bet Loser

Classic Tannerisms

Wedding Diaries

The Cosjobs Masterpiece

Krista Introduces us to ‘Dickmitten’

Shuke’s Warning

The Sacamano Slam

Shuke and GM on the Amazing Race?

Frosty Tempts Fate

Thorn on CBS

St. Louis Bob vs. Baskin Robbins

My Vuvuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzela

Triscuit Love

Running With Scissors Runs Game with the Ladies

Kendall Stop: Hammer Time

Rhyme Time

Destiney Calls Homer

Gadzooks Links Geraldo, Stolen Thongs & Bachelorettes Together


Drunk Thread

Sarnoff’s Insider’s View into Sitcoms  – Great Stuff Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Laugh Tracks’

St. Louis Bob celebrates the Cardinals World Series Win.


“Bfred advises GM on how to score some dopamine.”

“These pages need to be indexed.”

THE Notorious TRE Ingalls Wilder.

I’ve been researching how to make our forums faster and more responsive over the last month. The performance of our forums, though never particularly speedy, had become uniformly slow with occasional unpredictable and excruciating delays. So I asked the folks at Invision Power, the forum software’s authors, to dig in and make some recommendations on how we can speed the site up.

They recommended a number of infrastructure and settings changes which we’ve implemented in this upgrade. More performance upgrades will be coming when Invision releases their 4.0 version later this year. But their most significant recommendation — more important than all the others combined — was that we needed to archive and reopen the board’s largest, most trafficked, and most loved threads.

There are fifteen threads that account for over 845,000 of the board’s 13,000,000 posts and they’ve been viewed nearly 13,000,000 times. These threads have grown  so large and they are loaded so often that their performance impact on the board can’t be properly normalized. This is one of those fifteen threads.

For now, we’ve moved these threads to a new forum called Archived Topics to isolate them from the most heavily-trafficked forums — the FFA and Shark Pool — and preserved them so that they cannot be replied to, edited, or deleted. The original threads remain searchable, and I’ve added a link below to the original version of this topic. Over the next couple of weeks, these threads will be converted into archived threads by the Invision Board aoftware and moved back to their original forum. After archiving, they will remain searchable and browsable.

If you are the Original Poster of one of these threads, I encourage you to start a new topic to be version 2.0 of your thread and PM me with the link. I will merge this post into your new topic and leave it pinned for a few weeks.

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